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VERY IMPORTANT September 2023 Update

We need your feedback, Fairbanks Community — The Downtown Fairbanks 2040 Plan is Ready for Your Review!

Deadline for Comments: Wednesday, October 13th, 2023

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Share your feedback on the September 2023 Public Review Draft by Wednesday, October 13th, 2023!

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The Fairbanks North Star Borough is working with community partners to develop an area plan for Downtown Fairbanks. The plan will guide policy, growth and development of our urban core for years to come.

The Plan will be a tool to:

  • Guide future development of the downtown;
  • Improve navigability for people visiting downtown;
  • Outline options to increase quality and affordable housing in the downtown area;
  • Identify other areas for improvement through community and other stakeholder engagement; and,
  • Bring the private and public sector together to develop an area plan that strengthens the economy and community.

The Plan will address:

Economic Development


Land Use


Public Safety

Quality of Life


Downtown Fairbanks 2040

This planning process is part of a continued effort to develop a plan to better serve the unique needs and vision of Downtown Fairbanks residents, businesses, and visitors. The Downtown Plan Working Group and project team have and will continue to review and consider past and current plans, community input, relevant data, and best practices to develop Downtown Fairbanks 2040.



Who is Leading the Process?

The Fairbanks North Star Borough with guidance from the Downtown Working Group and assistance from a consulting team.  

FNSB Project Manager

Melissa Kellner
Fairbanks North Star Borough
Long-Range Planner/Project Manager

Downtown Fairbanks 2040 Working Group

In 2017, then-Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Karl Kassel assembled a Working Group comprised of downtown-minded community members to lead the Downtown Fairbanks planning process. Most original Working Group members remain committed, and the group has brought on new members that share a stake in the future of the downtown area. Working Group members include…

  • Brenda Riley
  • Buki Wright
  • Chris Miller
  • Deb Hickok – former member
  • Doug Sims
  • Geri Simon – former member
  • Jackson Fox
  • Jerry Cleworth
  • John Jackovich – former member
  • Sabrina Binkley – former member
  • Scott McCrea 
  • Sharon Hildebrand
  • Sue Sprinkle
The Working Group is supported by a technical team of City of Fairbanks, Fairbanks Area Surface Transportation Planning, and Fairbanks North Star Borough Community Planning and other staff.

Consulting Team

The Alaska-based firms, both with an extensive history of living and working in and with the FNSB community, include:

Agnew::Beck Consulting is lead consultant, managing stakeholder engagement, project communications, and development of plan components. In 2020, Agnew::Beck worked with FNSB staff to conduct interviews with downtown business owners, Working Group Members, and to analyze FNSB and downtown population and housing data.

RESPEC is assisting with the mapping and the public safety components of the downtown plan.



Beginning in 2017...

The FNSB Community Planning Department and the Downtown Fairbanks Working Group have conducted extensive public outreach through in-person events and online tools. This feedback was used to inform development of draft chapters on LAND USE, PARKING, and TRANSPORTATION.

Check out the Background Documents in Project Resources below for progress made since the planning process was launched in 2017.

Coming Fall 2023...

Release of the PUBLIC REVIEW DRAFT of Downtown Fairbanks 2040. Review the draft, attend and public meeting, and share your thoughts on the draft plan!

Check out the Schedule below for more details.





Project Start & Preliminary Plan Development

FNSB Planning Department and Working Group launch process, establish roles, conduct stakeholder engagement, and develop initial plan components.  


Project Re-Launch

FNSB Planning Department and Working Group launch process, establish roles, conduct stakeholder engagement, and develop initial plan components.  


Draft Development

Build off existing work, new data, and stakeholder engagement to develop full draft plan.


Public Review Draft

Share draft plan and gather community and other stakeholder input


Final Draft

Revise plan to address feedback.


adoption process

Conduct formal FNSB Planning Commission and Assembly review and adoption process.





Send us your comments, questions or concerns.

Melissa Kellner, Fairbanks North Star Borough
Deputy Director/Project Manager
Phone: 907.459.1252

Shelly Wade, Agnew::Beck Consulting
Consultant Project Manager
Cell: 907.242.5326 (call or text)

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